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Things have gotten worse
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Well, things have progressively gotten worse. When I got home, Tiger had moved from the bathroom to under the dining room table.

She got up and tried to walk to the kitchen, and couldn't. I put her in the coziest place and she hasn't moved.

Tomorrow I will say my last goodbye. My poor baby. My house and family will be incomplete. My heart in pain. But it's the right decision.

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You're doing best by her and 17 years is just incredible. I'll be thinking of you <3

I went though this a month ago to the day. My heart aches for you. Try to make the best of tonight, spoil her one last little bit. She is lucky to have someone who cares enough about her quality of life to make this incredibly difficult decision. It was the first time I had to make the call, too.

You guys are in my heart and thoughts right now. If you need to talk, just let me know.

Oh, I'm so sorry you went through this too. Thank you for your kind words. Tiger has been through so much with me...she's been my side kick! I laid with her on the floor for a couple hours just petting her and telling her I love her. I hope she's felt that love over the years and I've been the best kitty mom she could ever have.

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